To all my Cocoa Vintage customers , old and new. 

The 'SHOP' portion of my new website should be up as soon as November, in time for your Christmas shopping.. You are still invited to have a look at the pieces available or to order on my Instagram page @crystalcocoa

Any pre-orders or questions on pieces that you are interested in please subscribe and or email me.

I thank you for all the support you have given me over the past years.  

A lot of work and experimentation/research has gone into each piece.  Having things fail and having things succeed is all part of the process.

As I embark on this new venture of having my very first website I ask that you have patience with me.  It's a one man show.  I am the Artist, accountant, photographer and I handle all aspects of marketing .  This is a small business so I will do my best to make it a successful one .

You may notice some changes in pricing, this is due to many factors; increased import duties on my supplies and website fees.  More importantly the use of better materials such as porcelain clay, which is stronger and lighter in weight.

I do hope you will continue on this journey with me as I create beautiful pieces that you would enjoy wearing .

Thank You.