The history and use of the beauty tool goes back centuries in ancient Chinese beauty and wellness.Because of my fascination and love with skin care I decided to make my very own porcelain Gua Sha tool. It’s such a fun but highly effect tool. I enjoyed making this marbled piece out of white and black porcelain. High fired 2 twice for vitrification and sanded til smooth. Remember this tool is made out of porcelain, and though tough can still break if it comes into contact with a hard surface .Please read instructions carefully before using this tool. Research online and follow instructions on use .Use on freshly cleansed skin and after apply your favorite facial massage oil to provide an easy glide. It is recommend to use an oil that doesn’t absorb quickly, or creates too much slip as the goal is to maintain connection with the skin.Be gentle. Each piece is hand made and no 2 pieces are ever the same. So enjoy your very uniquely made pieces .

Gua Sha Porcelain facial & body tool