White and black porcelain were combined to achieve marbled effect. 

Accented with 7% actual gold glaze .

With enameled brass leaf and Swarovski faux pearl at center. 

Hypoallergenic posts for sensitive ears at back. 

This item is a ceramic hand made piece, and is fragile so please handle with love and care when taking off and wearing Jewellery. 

Do not tug at back of posts when removing Jewellery. 

Please place in packaging provided when storing or when Jewellery is not in use. 

If out of stock * item may take 3-4 weeks to be restocked in the shop ( this time may vary according to availability of materials .

Each piece of Jewellery is handmade one by one so may differ slightly from original picture shown. And as with the marbled effect application of these earrings, each piece produces unexpected results so each pair is one of a kind.

Marbled Flower