Ceramic Watermelon Slice with surgical steel posts, accented with actual gold ceramic glaze .

This item is a ceramic hand made piece, and is fragile so please handle with love and care when taking off and wearing Jewellery. 

Do not tug at back of posts when removing Jewellery. 

Each watermelon slice is handmade and glazed one by one so may differ slightly from original picture shown.

Mini Watermelon Slice Studs

  • Please handle your pieces with Love and Care.

    Most pieces are made from Ceramic/Porcelain and is therefore fragile.


    We do not recommend you to wear your jewelry when you sleep, swim, come into contact with water or do sports.


    Please remove your earring back with care.


    Please avoid wearing your piece before you apply your perfume and or make-up to your skin, this especially applies to pieces that have gold lustre which contains a percentage of actual gold. Products that contain harsh chemicals and dyes will cause damage to the precious painted/glazed layer of your piece.


    Avoid contact with hard surfaces.


    It is recommended that you store your piece of ceramic, brass, acrylic or wire jewelry separately and in its original packaging to avoid damages or scratches.


    Due to the nature of brass jewelry it will tarnish over time. This will give your piece a beautiful antiqued look.  If you wish to restore the shine of your brass piece clean and or polish as often as needed by using a Sunshine Polishing Cloth which you can purchase online, Amazon or any jewelry supply store.


    Please note - Cocoa Vintage will not be held responsible for any damages that may occur by foregoing the above recommendations.

  • If items are not in stock please allow up to 7days - 3weeks for your piece to be completed from the time you place your order.  Production time may vary  according to the level of difficultiy of the piece and the availablity of materials to produce it.