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The land of the Hummingbird 

Trinidad & Tobago

The world calls it diversity,

we call it, a calalloo…


Sun, sea and sand is only the beginning of the beautiful and distinct mix, Trinidad and Tobago has to offer.


With dream-like biodiversity, we share our home with over 400 species of birds and gorgeous fauna, inherited from South America.


To walk down a street, is to see faces from ivory to onyx. To dine with us is to have your pick of Chinese food, Indian curry or a taste of something Creole. And to live with us, is to celebrate holidays dedicated to different races and religions. This racial diversity defines us even colouring our culture.


Steel pan music, chutney, calypso and soca are our stirring soundtrack. And every year we come together in costume for Carnival – a spectacle of our energy, creativity and unity.


From the see-through waters of Pigeon Point, the iridescent awe of our hummingbirds to the melodic grit of the steel drum – Trinidad and Tobago is a non-stop wonder and inspiration.

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